Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Hidden Depths Multiplayer Proposal

I think my game would work well as a coop multiplayer game.  Since it's a room based top-down game, two people could play on the same screen.  I could stress teamwork with a few simple design ideas.  I would turn on "friendly fire", making it essential that each player knows what the other is doing, and not just hacking at anything that moves.  I'd double the amount of enemies to increase the difficulty.  With random weapons appearing, the most successful players would have to communicate with their friend to see who would most benefit in taking the item.  If one player just grabs all the upgrades, the second player will die quickly, meaning the first player will have to fight off twice as many enemies.  Hopefully, my game will be difficult enough, that coop would be almost impossible to beat with your partner dead. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

The Hidden Depths 1.2

The new version of "The Hidden Depths" can be played HERE.  The YouTube video will go HERE.


  • Sound effects
  • Boss Battle (can be reached after a certain amount of kills)
  • Hit Speed (No more spamming the hit keys)
Known Bugs:
  • Sounds are delayed when first called.  Need to preload them.
  • Item spawning is still terrible, and will spawn outside of a reachable area
  • Music caused construct2 to crash, so won't be added until I switch to Unity

Sunday, November 3, 2013

"The Depths" Game Minute

You are immediately placed in a sandy temple.  You have very little time to get used to the surroundings as three green zombies head towards you.  Swinging your sword at them, you back away.  It's.... not very effective.  After 4 or 5 strikes they finally die.  You notice a red power-up just appeared near you.  You grab it and head to the next room, where you are immediately surrounded by 5 zombies.  You swing at them, and notice they are falling much easier.  The power-up must've helped.  After slaying the zombies, you notice a green pill has appeared.  You grab it and head to the next room.