Sunday, September 15, 2013

Game Idea #3: Become a Wizard

Story: Fantasy setting.  You join the College of Wizards where you learn how to control magic.  You quickly realize that the school is using their power for evil.

Gameplay: 2d isometric with spells being the main focus.  Different spells give you new abilities and make you more powerful.

Technology: A basic 2d game engine will work for this game.

Game idea #2: Build a pirate army (similar to Sid Meier's Pirates)

Story:  A new group of islands has been discovered in the 1500's.  You and your ragtag group of pirates must act quickly to gain control of all the precious resources on these islands.  You start with a small group of pirates but slowly build an army of skilled workers and fighters.

Gameplay:  Many RPG elements will be involved.  Hiring and training your crew will be the key to success.  Harvesting resources, building ships and towns, and training soldiers are all abilities that take time and money to do.  Being able to do this while fighting your enemies is important.  There would be two modes.  The management mode, where you can manage resources, create trade routes, and position ships. The second mode would be where all the naval battles happen. The fights would be in a 2d isometric view, with wind playing a role in how you can move the ship.  

Technology:  Most 2d game engines could handle making this game.  An online leader board might be fun so you can compare how much gold you have with other people.

Game Idea #1 The 2d Zelda-like game with a twist

Story:  I'd like to make this game with minimal text.  The story isn't unimportant but is simple enough to be shown rather then told.  The hero is trying to destroy the evil sorcerer that is close to destroying the world.
Gameplay: The world is set up similar to the early Zelda games, where the map is broken into squares. The hero starts off with almost nothing, the player should feel very weak compared to the sorcerer.  The most appealing part of the game should be the random weapons, skills, and enemies.  No two playthroughs should be the same.  Different weapons or items, should make the game feel different.  In the end the player should feel accomplished as they will use the skills gained throughout the game to beat an enemy (the sorcerer) that previously seemed unbeatable.

Technology:  This game is simple enough to be created with almost any 2d graphics engine.  No online capabilities are really needed as it is a single player game.  Maybe something to track achievements, so that multiple playthroughs can be encouraged.