Saturday, October 12, 2013

Focus 2.0: The Hidden Depths

Title: The Hidden Depths

This game features a wide variety of weapons and skills.  Each playthrough features only a small fraction of the available weapons/skills.  Each time the player starts a new game, they have to change their strategy in order to cope with their new skill set.  The player can manipulate the world by finding new items, skills and treasure.  They use these to beat enemies and bosses, to get to the next level.  The end goal is to reach the final boss at the end of the temple.  The game is tough, so the player has to play many times in order to reach the end boss.  The toughness is meant to give the player a sense of achievement when they finally beat the final boss.  Played from start to finish a full playthrough takes a little over an hour. This game is unique, in that it requires experimentation mixed with skill in order to win.  Knowledge of the game mechanics is just as important as player skill.

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